Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Almost 1!

Zach's in blue, can you find him at the Hope of America program? (it was amazing that we found him!)

A rare kick in between cartwheels and hugging players. Go Paige!

3rd Grade Rainforest Project

My hot date!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What are the kids doing?

Trying to keep away from the stairs, (and the drawers, and frames, and plants, and toilets....)

Happy Birthday Buster! The kids threw a great party; singing, a veggie cake, and a fresh clean change of bedding. Can you believe I've had this animal in my house for a year?

Or downstairs making a donut out of bread...

Maybe doing some creative art projects in Ky's room,

Or taking photos. Zach's photography merit badge was on "spring flowers"
Have a great week!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

SB Last Day

Skipbo Champ! If anyone wants to play, Ky is ready!

Grandma and Grandpa Woods spent the night since they were on their way home from Cali. They had perfect timing since someone could ride in their car (just when the kids were getting bugged by each other!)

Hanging out at Brighams' house

Touring the beautiful tabernacle. Every prophet (except Joseph Smith) has spoken at this pulpit. Wow!

The St. George temple is really breathtaking!

Spring Break was a success!

Day Three

Night golfing

Listons are everywhere!

More fun at Valley of Fire State Park!

SB Cont.

Day Two brings us to the Clark County Fair! Sometimes the spontaneous days are the funnest! I'm glad we ran into this event and it filled our entire day! The kids really liked the hypnotist show. Paige and I danced on stage with the break dancers but I will not show that footage! I realized if we lived there, my kids would be competing in raising the biggest hog or trying to lasso a calf. The only downfall was nobody would ride the Zipper with Kyler! Poor kid!

Tribute to grandma

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Break

What in the world would a family do in Mesquite for spring break? Well, they'd make their first stop in beautiful Snow Canyon.

Play a while in the sand dunes,

take short hikes,

Go exploring in some lava caves,

And climb on a bunch of rocks looking for lizards.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Life's going too fast!

Even a king size bed can get squishy with miss Paige.

She's been learning to read, went to dance lessons, a lot of hula hooping, always helping me cook, laughing like all day (what's so funny anyway?) or crying cause it' got to be some drama! and getting excited for swim lessons today and soccer real soon! I love Paige!

Zach helping build a fort in our lovely "spring"weather.

He's been going to pow wows, had his priesthood preview, invited a girl (friend) over, getting ready for the talent show on his unicycle, snowboarding, and loving late weekend nights! He's the greatest brother to baby! I love Zach!

I can't get enough video!

He's crawling, pulling himself up, has three teeth, is so fast, is a human vacuum, the best sleeper, is a mama and daddy's boy, loves to play with the kids, makes our home happy! I love baby Troy!

He's kinda a turkey, beats me at chess every time, built a potato clock for the science fair, was in the spelling bee, getting ready for soccer, loves to be busy or playing, is so cute and tries to be good! I love being Kyler's mom!

Well, my kids are basically running my life right now. I'm afraid this little window of having them small is going too quickly!